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Moreish delights await at Michelle's Restaurant Menu, tantalizing your taste buds with a delectable array of dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

If you're craving delicious dishes, Michelle's Restaurant Menu is a must-try. Explore crispy calamari, fresh Caprese skewers, and savory bacon-wrapped dates among the tempting appetizers. Warm your palate with flavorful soups and invigorating salads featuring house-made dressings. The entrees, like Grilled Salmon and Filet Mignon, promise a burst of flavor. Don't miss the diverse sides and extras, from roasted veggie skewers to late-night snacks. Indulge in creamy cheesecakes and rich chocolate cakes from the dessert selection. You won't be disappointed with Michelle's gastronomic offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse selection of main courses like Grilled Salmon and Filet Mignon.
  • Mouthwatering appetizers including Crispy Calamari and Goat Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms.
  • Flavorful soups and invigorating salads with in-house dressings.
  • Delectable sides and extras from roasted vegetable skewers to sweet potato fries.
  • Tempting desserts like New York-style cheesecake and molten lava cake.


small bites for everyone

Choose from a tempting selection of appetizers to kickstart your dining experience at Michelle's Restaurant. Among the popular choices are the crispy calamari served with a zesty marinara sauce, perfect for those who enjoy a mix of crunch and flavor.

Another favorite is the savory bacon-wrapped dates, offering a delightful contrast between the salty bacon and sweet dates. For those seeking unique pairings, the goat cheese-stuffed mushrooms are a must-try, combining earthy mushrooms with creamy goat cheese for a burst of rich flavors in every bite.

If you're in the mood for something light yet satisfying, the caprese skewers with fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, and fragrant basil drizzled with balsamic glaze are an invigorating option. No matter your preference, these appetizers are sure to tantalize your taste buds and set the stage for a memorable dining experience at Michelle's Restaurant.

Soups & Salads

Indulge in a variety of flavorful soups and invigorating salads at Michelle's Restaurant, enhancing your dining experience with each delicious bite. Our soup pairings are carefully crafted to complement your meal perfectly.

Whether you're craving a hearty tomato bisque with a grilled cheese sandwich or a light chicken noodle soup with a side salad, we've the ideal combinations to satisfy your taste buds.

When it comes to our salads, we take pride in our selection of unique and mouthwatering salad dressings. From classic ranch and balsamic vinaigrette to zesty lemon tahini and creamy avocado cilantro, each dressing is made in-house to ensure freshness and quality.

Drizzle your favorite dressing over a crisp garden salad or an invigorating Caesar salad for a burst of flavor in every forkful.

At Michelle's Restaurant, we recognize the importance of a well-rounded meal, and our soups and salads are the perfect way to start your dining experience on a high note.


delicious dinner menu items

Explore a tantalizing array of main course options at Michelle's Restaurant, each expertly prepared to delight your taste buds. From hearty main courses to daily specials, Michelle's offers a diverse selection of dishes that cater to every palate.

Indulge in our signature dishes, crafted with the finest ingredients and bursting with flavor. Our customer favorites include the succulent Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce, the savory Mushroom Risotto, and the mouthwatering Filet Mignon cooked to perfection.

Whether you're in the mood for seafood, pasta, or a juicy steak, Michelle's Restaurant has something for everyone. Enjoy a plate of our delicious Lobster Ravioli, savor the rich flavors of our classic Chicken Parmesan, or treat yourself to the tender Braised Short Ribs. Our chefs pour their passion into each dish, ensuring a dining experience you won't soon forget.

Don't miss out on our daily specials, which showcase seasonal ingredients and innovative culinary techniques. With such a tantalizing selection of main courses, Michelle's Restaurant promises to satisfy your cravings and leave you coming back for more.

Sides & Extras

Discover the delectable array of sides and extras available at Michelle's Restaurant to complement your main course selection. Whether you're looking for vegetarian options, gluten-free choices, shareable plates, or late-night snacks, we've something for everyone to enjoy.

For those seeking vegetarian options, our menu includes roasted vegetable skewers, truffle parmesan fries, and a fresh garden salad with house-made dressing. If you have dietary restrictions, fret not – our gluten-free choices range from quinoa salad to sweet potato fries, ensuring a flavorful experience for all guests.

If you're in the mood to share, our shareable plates offer a variety of options such as loaded nachos, crispy calamari, and buffalo chicken wings. These dishes are perfect for enjoying with friends or family.

Additionally, for those late-night cravings, indulge in our selection of late-night snacks like mini sliders, garlic parmesan fries, and crispy onion rings. Michelle's Restaurant has something to satisfy every palate, no matter the time of day.


sweet treats for all

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a tempting selection of desserts available at Michelle's Restaurant. Indulge in our sweet treats and savor some of the most decadent confections you've ever tasted. From creamy cheesecakes to rich chocolate cakes, our dessert menu offers something for every dessert lover.

For a classic choice, try our velvety New York-style cheesecake topped with your favorite fruit compote. If you're a chocolate enthusiast, enjoy our molten lava cake oozing with warm, gooey chocolate. Looking for something a bit lighter? Our fresh fruit tart is a delightful option with a buttery crust and a medley of seasonal fruits.

Pair your dessert with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a scoop of our homemade vanilla bean ice cream for the perfect ending to your meal. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply craving something sweet, our desserts are sure to leave you feeling satisfied and content.


So next time you're in the mood for a delicious meal, stop by Michelle's Restaurant and enjoy our mouthwatering appetizers, savory soups and salads, flavorful entrees, and delectable desserts.

Don't forget to try our tasty sides and extras to complete your dining experience. Michelle's Restaurant has something for everyone, so come on in and treat yourself to a truly satisfying meal.

Your taste buds will thank you!

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